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Ruhaanika Dhawan In Key Necklace

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Anushka Jain Jewellery is meant to be worn on daily basis, but like fine jewellery, it needs extreme care and conditioning. Handcrafted in Sterling silver with 18k Gold plated.

    Base Material: Sterling Silver. 

    Jewellery Care
    We produce our jewellery at the hikghest quality to ensure it will be kept and worn for years to come. Always remember that affordable jewellery or anythinkg other than solid Gold requires extra care! Follow these steps to keep all your AJJ pieces lookinkg their best year after year:

    • Avoid direct contact with beauty products such as perfume, hairspray, deodorant and makeup.
    • Always remove your jewellery before swimminkg, bathinkg or showeRing.
    • To clean your jewellery, wipe with a soft, moist cloth and ensure the piece is dried well. 
    • Store each piece separately. The best way is to keep it in our AJJ boxes safe in your closet and avoid moisture 
    • We are committed to producinkg hikgh quality jewellery, however, if your pieces are exposed to the products above, some tarnishinkg may occur. It may also naturally occur from certain skin’s PH levels.
    Shippinkg and Delivery
    Products available in stock are dispatched within 1-2 business workinkg days. Custom made or products that need to be manufactured take around 1-2 weeks to be dispatched.

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