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Anushka Jain Jewellery offer a lifetime replating service for all sterling silver items purchased through their website or stores. This means that customers can have their sterling silver items replated for free at any time during the lifetime of the product, without any questions asked.

To initiate the replating process, customers need to mail at We will mail you the instructions on how to ship the item to the company and the estimated time for the replating process. Customers are responsible for shipping the item to Anushka Jain Jewellery, and Anushka Jain Jewellery will cover the cost of shipping the item back to the customer.

It is important to note that the lifetime replating service is only available for sterling silver items and is subject to the discretion of Anushka Jain Jewellery. Items that are not made of sterling silver may not be eligible for the replating service.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the lifetime replating service, it is recommended that you contact customer service for further assistance.